We, the Robots, are really excited to be writing to invite YOU! (our best loved fans) on a robotlicious journey!

Since we are desperate for cash now and since the evil Music Biz won’t give us any we are prostituting ourselves to you and letting you get up close and personal as we go back into the studio to finish up our 4th album.

Pledge have suggested a variety of ways that you can get involved, from signed exclusive merchandise to us coming to your house to rock your parties.. short of illegal or immoral it’s all here! So get your coins out and throw them in the magical Robots In Disguise wishing well!!!

Click here to plegde for Album 4:

Not only will we make our best ever record for your listening pleasure,but part of the proceeds will go to benefit the Alzheimers Society.

We love you Robot Patrol!

Les Robottes


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