Call it lust? Call it love at first sight? No – call it stupid!

The Sex Has Made Me Stupid is a hedonistic, future indie-dance classic of what happens when you get off with someone you like. The sex, the drink, the illegal substances – the sheer addictive mess and mayhem that inevitably ensue from acting on attraction. ‘Can I have some more?’

After an incredible three-week bender, you finally resurface to the awful realisation that while you’ve been indulging, the rest of your life has fallen into the gutter. You look a state, your parents are about to send out a search party, your flatmates aren’t speaking, and work wants to know why you’ve taken so much time off ‘sick’.

This insanely catchy, electro-dance number taken from the Robots’ third album (We’re In The Music Biz) was produced in Berlin by Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps/ I Am X). So is it autobiographical? Well the Robots are no strangers to fun in all its forms. But The Sex Has Made Me Stupid comes with a warning. Like the first time you get off with someone new, you’re not going to be able to just leave it there. ‘Can I have some more?’

The Robots want you on the floor – you have been warned.


01 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Original) 02 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (C_C-K Boy's Blood Mix) 03 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (thedeathset Mix) 04 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (The Dub Has Made Me Stupid Mr Trick Remix) 05 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Stupid Sex Midfield General Mix) 06 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Rezumaki Mix) 07 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid (Budda Cakes Cover Version)

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