An ominous synth-rock classic about paranoid love. What happens when you don’t trust your lover – the midnight texts, the fights, the tears – the madness that results.

This hypnotic Cure-esque modern ballad is taken from the Robots’ acclaimed third album (We’re In The Music Biz) produced in Berlin by Chris Corner and comes with a warning to music lovers everywhere: Buy this single or the Robots will cuss you up!


01 - The Tears (Radio Edit)
02 - The Tears
03 - The Tears (Heretic Mix - Tim Burgess)
04 - The Tears (Billion $ Djs Funk Panic!! Remix)
05 - The Tears (I Haunt Wizards)
06 - The Tears (Skibunny l-u-v Remix)

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  • Umang says:

    So much gratitude to send your way for ftuearing Enation on your blog, and giving them an opportunity of a lifetime with the Billboard exposure. I have felt for some time that they deserve a wider fan base their music should be heard! It is a rarity these days to find a band that puts their heart and soul into creating their music-and they appreciate their fans.Thanks again!

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