Get ‘em out for the boys,’ is the reaction many women in music still face. In fact, that’s the phrase – albeit in French – that one photographer used when shooting the Robots for a French glossy, which probably prefers to remain nameless.

But while many would rant, huff & puff or simply cave in, the Robots decided to celebrate the launch of their 3rd album by beating the boys at their own game. The maverick electro-pop duo with a reputation for their fashion-forward style appear on the cover with immaculate hair and make-up wearing skinny-minny shirts and ties. But what’s this? Those girls are naked but for layer of skilfully applied body paint!

We like to subvert people’s expectations of us as a band and have a bit of fun with it,’ says agent provocateuse, Dee. ‘People have seen those pictures and it’s so unexpected that they’ve not even clocked it,’ says Sue. Part riot grrl princesses, part monsters of DIY musical mayhem, the Robots develop their signature sound and tell-it-like-it-is lyrics in this album, with a sharper, boppier and frequently impossibly catchy feel. Produced by Chris Corner (Sneaker Pimps/I Am X) in Berlin, We’re In The Music Biz includes the hit single, The Sex has Made Me Stupid, a hedonistic, indie-dance classic of what happens when you get off with someone you like…the sex, the drink, the illegal substances – the sheer addictive mess and mayhem that inevitably ensue from acting on attraction.


01 - We're in the Music Biz
02 - Can't Stop Getting Wasted
03 - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
04 - Animals
05 - The Tears
06 - I Don't Have a God
07 - I Live in Berlin
08 - I'm Hit
09 - Everybody's Going Crazy
10 - Don't Copy Me

6 responses:

  • Hannah says:

    I’m in Canada and I can’t seem to be able to get this album anywhere!!!!! Seeing as I can’t see you live I thought having this album might compensate even a little but I can even get that :,(

  • evamaria says: will have it for you!

  • VGIBS says:

    I had to order them on ebay :( I really wish i could’ve got them on iTunes.

  • Namine says:

    this is my brother. :] his pruictes turned out great! I became a fan of firefly photography because my mom told me that there would be a way to upload these pruictes onto the facebook page? just checking, thanks!

  • Grimenstein says:

    Simply amazing, is all I can say.
    Every track just as good as the next. I haven’t heard of that happening since Red Hot Chili Peppers. Keep up the amazing work. I’m definitely buying every album


  • Jennifer says:

    It’s a shame they broke up. :(

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